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About Us
Chung Ah Athletic Wares Factory was established in Hong Kong in 1951. Sixty plus years of experience has honed us into one of the top players in the Hong Kong Sporting Goods Industry. We only deliver quality sporting goods which can stand the test of time. 

Our aim is to keep Hong Kong Fit and Healthy. Children are spending more times indoors on their gaming consoles and less time outdoors playing sports. With the rise of obesity increasing worldwide, this has put pressure on health care systems all over the world. Educating children from a young age about the importance of physical education should be a priority of every nation.

Not only do we supply to the general public via our point of sales in the high foot traffic Mong Kok area. We sell directly to Kindergartens, Primary Schools, High School, Tertiary Institutions and private businesses. We are also a registered supplier to the Hong Kong Government and a Member of the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI). 

Having worked on thousands of projects, we know that client requirements are never the same. Thus, we provide tailor-made sporting goods for customers who need this service. We have the expertise to come up with a tailored solution for any situation.

We have developed two in house brands ‘CHUNG AH’ and ‘APEX’ which produce high quality sporting goods for the Hong Kong and Macau Market.

We distribute the very best sporting good brands from around the world. Many brands under our portfolio are used daily by athletes who compete on the world stage. We have a vast range of sporting goods from Badminton Stands, Basketball Stands, Gymnastic Equipment, Handball Goals, Track and Field Equipment and Volleyball systems to name a few.

With the diverse array of products we have, this give us the ability to offer equipment which fits the whole spectrum from education children from young age, to training potential athletes, through to world class sporting events. We have the ability to recommend sporting goods at different price points which are suitable for the clients proposed usage.

We look forward to helping you become healthier!